Smoke-Free Compliance



Businesses (Public Places and Places of Employment)

The purpose of the Smoke-Free Arizona Act is to protect Arizonans from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke in enclosed public places and places of employment, except those that meet exemption criteria.

Remove all indoor ashtrays and smoking receptacles and move all outdoor ashtrays and smoking receptacles to at least 20 feet away from doors, from windows capable of being opened, and ventilation systems, unless ashtrays are on your outdoor patio where you allow smoking.

Post “no smoking” signs at all entrances, with the exception of emergency exits and door(s) leading out to outdoor patio(s). Signs must be posted in a conspicuous area visible from the outside of the establishment.

Make sure all “no smoking” signs have the required information:

  • International no smoking symbol or the words “no smoking”
  • A citation to A.R.S. § 36-601.01
  • The telephone number for making complaints (1-877-4-AZNOSMOKE, 1-877-429-6676)
  • The website address for making complaints (

Make sure the signs are the appropriate size:

  • No smaller than 4″x6″ for signs posted at entrances of enclosed public places and non-vehicle places of employment
  • No smaller than 2″x3″ for signs posted in vehicle places of employment

Educate all current and prospective employees about the requirements of the Law (Le. payroll stuffers via inserts, staff meetings, e-mails, break room posters, etc…). Employees must know what is expected of them.

Prohibit smoking in all non-smoking areas, including enclosed areas and areas within 20 feet of the entrances (except for patios).

Proprietors may choose to designate patios for smoking that meet the requirements of A.R.S. § 36-601.01 R9-2-108(A) for smoking. In these cases, ensure that any outdoor patios are managed so that smoke does not enter into the establishment and other non-smoking areas.

Guarantee that the property outside of your establishment that is under vour control is managed as to maintain a smoke-free entrance for customers and employees. This includes entrances to all doors with the exception of emergency exits and outdoor smoking patio doors.

Keep Smoke-Free Arizona Hotline (1-877-AZSTOPS) and website ( information handy. Please contact us any time you have a question regarding the new Law!

Checklist – Are you ready?


  • Remove ashtrays
  • Post “no smoking” signs with required information and of the appropriate size(s)
  • Educate employees
  • Prohibit smoking in non-smoking areas
  • Protect enclosed areas from smoke entering from the outside, including from outdoor smoking patios, if applicable
  • Protect all entrances and entryways from smoke
  • Keep Smoke-Free Arizona Program information on hand

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