Inmate Commissary

We have contracted with Summit Food Services to provide commissary items to the inmate population. Family and friends can deposit money to inmate’s accounts through a cash/credit/debit machine in the front lobby of the detention facility. Alternatively, money can also be deposited by going These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Upon being released to the public, inmates receive a debit card loaded with any funds they may have in their account at time of release. Any inmate who is transferred to another facility will go with a check as other facilities do not have the ability to remove funds from a debit card.

We no longer accept money orders, cashier’s checks, etc… for inmate commissary accounts.

Inmate care packages may be purchased at Care packages are distributed by the provider and shipped directly to our facility for the inmate.

Inmates must place their order by Sunday night, and we receive the shipment typically by Thursday. Delays in shipping are out of our control.

Please contact the detention facility if you have any questions.  



Cash Deposits- $3.25  

Credit/Debit- $3.25/10% whichever is greater. 10% flat fee

Note: We no longer offer Keefe Commissary or


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