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Greenlee County
Sharie Milheiro - Recorder

Greenlee County Recorder’s Office – Notice of Recorder’s Fee Change

Pursuant to amendment to A.R.S 11-475 - Recording fee increase; notification required.

As of July 1, 2019, the fee for recording documents will be:
$30.00 for each document.
(This fee includes the fee for Affidavit of Property Value, extra indexing and state surcharge).

Government rate will be $15.00 for each document
(This fee includes the fee for Affidavit of Property Value, extra indexing and state surcharge).

Above fees apply whether documents are returned by mail or e-recorded.
Maps, Land Surveys and all other fees remain the same.

The Greenlee County Recorder's Office has two primary purposes. The maintenance of all records pertaining to property, judgments, Military Honorable Discharge documents, liens and many other types of documents, as well as the Voter Registration database for the County.

An online recording system, now available to the public, provides document images dating back to 1975. Images of all recorded plat maps dating from the early 1900's are now available to the public, as well. We are continually striving to provide additional images, as they become available. To view records online please visit The County Recorder or stop by our office for access to all our record, located at 253 Fifth Street, Clifton, Arizona.

The County's Voter Registration database is also a function of the Recorder's Office. This office is the only Early Voting Site for Greenlee County. We can assist you in registering to vote or to be placed on the permanent early voting list (PEVL). Our office collects voter registration applications and maintains approximately 5000 registered voters within Greenlee County. We are pleased to announce that 50% of our voters are registered as permanent early voters and growing steadily. Our office works closely with the Secretary of State's Office to represent the best Statewide Voter Registration System possible.

The staff at the Greenlee County Recorder's Office is happy to provide the latest in technology for ease of access to information and for your convenience. We are a service oriented office and enjoy serving the people of Greenlee County, as well as others that need our assistance.

Sharie Milheiro
Greenlee County Recorder

Phone: (928) 865-2632
Phone: (928) 865-1717
Fax: (928) 865-4417

Greenlee County Government
Recorder's Office
Sharie Milheiro, Recorder
253 Fifth St
P.O. Box 1625
Clifton, AZ 85533

Normal Business Hours:
Monday - Friday,
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sharie Milheiro, Recorder
Kathy Valenzuela, Chief Deputy
Dusti Poague, Administrative Assistant