First Advisory: The Judge advises the juvenile and the parents of their rights. These can be finished as soon as the first hearing if the juvenile admits to the charges and agrees with the consequences recommended by the County Attorney.

Second Advisory: At this point the juvenile enters either an admission or denial of guilt to the charge against him / her. An attorney for the juvenile is present at this and all following hearings.

Adjudication: If the juvenile has chosen to deny the charge(s), it is at this hearing that the prosecution and defense attorneys present their case to the judge, and the judge makes a decision regarding the juvenile’s guilt or innocence.

Disposition: After the juvenile has been adjudicated, the judge decides on a sentence. If the juvenile has admitted to the charge(s) a sentence may have already been agreed upon between the juvenile and the County Attorney.

Restitution: This hearing is for cases in which there was a victim who is asking for reimbursement for injury or damaged property. The specific amount owed to the victim is determined at this hearing. This matter can be decided at an earlier hearing, such as the disposition hearing.


Status / Review: This hearing can occur any time between the other hearings listed above. It can be requested by any party involved in this case, and the purpose is to measure the progress of the case.


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