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Greenlee County

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P&Z Ratification Meeting Notice – 10-28-21 2021-10-28-Notice.pdf
P&Z Ratification Meeting Agenda – 10-28-21 2021-10-28-Agenda.pdf
Draft Minutes of P&Z Meeting Held on 10-14-21 2021-10-14-Minutes-Draft.pdf
Detailed Written Description of P&Z Meeting Held on 10-14-21 2021-10-14-Detailed-Written-Description.pdf
BOS Attending AZ @ Work - 8/26/2021 BoardPublicNotice.pdf
FY 21-22 Tax Rates FY 21-22 Tax Rates.pdf
Statement on Mask Wearing in Public Statement on Mask Wearing on Public.pdf
Franklin-Duncan Watershed Plan / Environmental Assessment Franklin-Duncan-Public-Flyer-Copy.pdf
Resolution 21-05-01 - Fire Ordinance Resolution-21-05-01-Fire-Ordinance.pdf
Review & Update Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Review-Multi-Jurisdictional-Hazard-Mitigation-Plan.pdf
Redistricting Consultant Request for Proposal Redistricting-RFP.pdf
Ordinance Policy for Recreational Marijuana Zoning Ordiance-Policy-for-Recreational-Marijuana-Zoning.pdf
Greenlee County Cattle Growers Annual Fall Meeting 2020 PublicNotice - Board of Supervisors -Other - Cattlegrowers.pdf
COVID-19 (emerging coronavirus disease) Preparedness COVID19-Release-030920.pdf
Restaurant - Coronavirus Preparedness Restaurant Coronavirus Website.pdf
Community Areas - Coronavirus Preparedness Community Areas Coronavirus Website.pdf
Custodial Staff - Coronavirus Preparedness Custodial Coronavirus Website.pdf
Hand Washing Information HandwashingInfo.pdf
Newspaper PUBLIC NOTICE GCCC and Martinez Newspaper PUBLIC NOTICE GCCC and Martinez.pdf
Proposed Fee Increase - Loma Linda Landfill Proposed_Fee_Increase_Loma_Linda_Landfill.pdf
Notice of Recorder’s Fee Change Notice-of-Recorder-Fee-Change.pdf
Public Hearing - May 7, 2019 PUBLIC-NOTICE-Public-Hearing-05172019.pdf
US 191 bridge north of Morenci to close for repairs US 191 bridge north of Morenci to close for repairs.pdf
Greenlee County Rescinds Emergency Fire Restrictions GreenleeCountyRescindsEmergencyFireRestrictions.pdf
L&A Notice LA-Notice-Newspaper-General-Elections-10012020.pdf

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