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Greenlee County
License Consequences

'28-3320 Suspension of License for Persons Under 18 Years of Age

  Offense Suspension Time
(A)(1) Under age 21 DUI '4-244(33) 2 years
(A)(1) Age 21+ DUI '28-1381 or '28-1382 2 years
(A)(2) Aggravated DUI '28-1383 3 years
(A)(3) Criminal Damage By Graffiti '13-1602(A)(1) Until 18 years
(A)(3) Aggravated Criminal Damage By Graffiti '13-1604(A) Until 18 years
(A)(4) Criminal Damage by Drawing or Inscribing on Property '13-1602(A)(5) Until 18 years
(A)(5) Graffiti-Related Offense Until 18 years
(A)(6) Any Drug Offense in Title 34 Until 18 years
(A)(7) Minor Consumption 2nd Offense Only if Court orders it (permissive) Until 18 years
(A)(8) Car Theft or Joyriding including Passenger
'13-1802, '13-1803, '13-1814
Until 18 years

See A.R.S. §8-343 for complete details