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Greenlee County
Property Tax Deed Sales Info

Property information is provided on these web pages as a public resource for general information purposes only. It is used to locate, identify and inventory parcels of land in Greenlee County for property tax deed sales purposes only and is NOT to be construed or used as a “legal description” or Public Notice. Map and parcel information is believed to be accurate but accuracy is not guaranteed. No portion of the information should be considered to be, or used as, a legal document. The information is provided subject to the express condition that the user knowingly waives any and all claim for damages against Greenlee County that may arise from the use of this data. Property information you obtain on these web pages should be reviewed and approved by an attorney or other qualified professional prior to its use for any purpose with potential legal consequences.

All tax sale properties are sold without warranty. Persons interested in purchasing properties off the Board of Supervisors Tax Deed Sale List are encouraged to thoroughly research the property before submitting a bid.