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Greenlee County
Annual Auction Procedures

The Greenlee County Board of Supervisors (the “Board”) will provide for the sale of real property in Greenlee County held by the State of Arizona by tax deed (“Tax Deeded Real Property”) in accordance with the requirements set forth in A.R.S. '42-18301 through 42-18303, as those statutes may be amended from time to time. The Office of the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors will conduct an annual Tax Deed Auction according to the following procedures:

Property information is provided as a public resource for general information. The list of Tax Deeded Real Property is maintained by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and is available on the Greenlee County website or can be obtained from the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors Office, 253 5th Street, PO Box 908, Clifton, Arizona, 85533, 928-865-2072.

Prospective purchasers/bidders are advised that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to have the property investigated fully and to know exactly what the purchaser is bidding on prior to bidding. ALL TAX DEEDED REAL PROPERTIES ARE SOLD ON AN “AS IS, WHERE IS” BASIS, and no warranties or representations are made as to property conditions, including but not limited to, any warranties, guarantees, or representations regarding the use, usability, marketability, condition of title, boundaries, or value of any property sold, claims or liens affecting any property sold, the ability of a purchaser to obtain title insurance on any property sold, availability of water, utilities, irrigation, sewers, access, ingress, street or road maintenance, zoning, suitability for building, flood plain status, or any other physical characteristic relating to the property.

All Tax Deeded Real Property held by the Board of Supervisors for sale, as agent for the State of Arizona, will be sold for no less than 100% of the back taxes and fees due thereon.

The purchaser/bidder, or their agent, must be present at the auction in order to bid. Mail-in bids will not be accepted. Any bidder who is bidding on behalf of another person or company must provide, at the time of registration, a notarized Power of Attorney indicating that the bidder is authorized to bid on behalf of another.

Bidders must fill out a Bid Registration Form and obtain a bidder number prior to the beginning of the auction.

It is the responsibility of the bidder to complete all due diligence needed to determine the condition, market value, investment value, etc. of a property prior to placing a bid. Necessary due diligence items may include, but are not limited to: (a) a satisfactory inspection of the property, and (b) the satisfactory completion of a title search.

All sales shall be final. Successful bidders shall be required to pay the purchase price in full before 5:00 p.m. on the day of the sale. Should a bidder fail to pay the required amount on the day of the sale, the transaction shall become null and void and the property will be made available for purchase on a year-round continuous basis.

Payment shall be paid via cashier’s check or money order. A receipt will be issued at the time of the sale transaction. There will be NO REFUNDS.

A Supervisors’ Deed will be produced based on information provided by the buyer, recorded and mailed to the buyer.

Property that is not sold at the Tax Deed Auction will be added to the list of property not sold at previous Tax Deed Auctions and will be offered for sale on a year-round continuous basis.